Special Announcement

Destiny Innovations is proud to announce our association with the TDPatch Division of CRC-mfg, Inc. of San Jose, CA. The TDPatch Division was created to meet the growing demands of the homeopathic and nutraceutical topical skin patch industry. By applying Destiny's 20+ years of topical patch knowledge with CRC's 40+ years of machine design and construction we have successfully developed a semi-automated manufacturing system designed specifically for topical patch manufacturing. The custom equipment is capable of converting medical grade patch components, dispensing precise formula amounts and individually wrapping each patch for handling, storage and transport, all on a hands-free operation. Please visit the web site www.tdpatch.info to learn more about this exciting concept and how we may help your business too.

Welcome to Destiny Innovations & Supply!

Destiny Innovations & Supply is your conduit to a product development and manufacturing group providing custom design and fabrication services for medical, electronics and industrial applications including engineering, material resources, manufacturing planning, prototypes, ramp-up and volume production, assembly and packaging. Our innovative and diversified team will direct development and production per your requirements, assist with technical recommendations and manage supply chain logistics for full turnkey output of components, assemblies and packaged goods.

Since 1994 Destiny Innovations & Supply has provided valuable assistance to established small & large OEM's, small & large start-ups, inventors and other product development companies offering our manufacturing capabilities, innovative design ideas and dependable supplier network to successfully develop new concepts, overcome product deficiencies and improve production by applying our knowledge and experience. We specialize in thin, flexible materials suitable for single or multi-layer construction including, but not limited to, films, foils, microporous membrane and filters, paper, elastomers, adhesives and other fastening substrates.

If you are visiting this site in search of the company to assist you with your unique design, create new and novel concepts, solve your manufacturing problems and drive your product to the finish line, you've come to the right place. When we take on your project we believe "failure is not an option."

At Destiny Innovations & Supply we recognize that your product is special and likely different than anything else so our services are tailored to adapt accordingly. We approach each customer as a unique entity, examining everything from optimizing materials, cost reduction, subsequent production steps, to the way the product is used and packaged, all with the goal of finding solutions that make the most sense for you.

In some cases it may mean applying something we've used in the past. But in other instances, it may demand custom-engineering of process, equipment or tooling especially for your application — whatever comprehensive value-added approach it takes to deliver the product you need, within specification to provide you the competitive edge.

Our goal is to become an asset to your company and support your manufacturing and engineering staff with our resources and experience specializing in thin materials converting.

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