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As a contract manufacturer Destiny Innovations can custom fabricate one component of an end product or take an entire medical device from concept through to completion. Customers may require one service area, such as laminating, slitting, sheeting or assembly, or may desire full-contract manufacturing services that can encompass R&D, design, and engineering assistance; prototyping; and full-scale production.

Used to create bonds, adhesives are employed in various aspects of medical device manufacturing. Primary functions of adhesives include use in assembly tasks to join components of an end device or as a means of attaching a wound-care or other product to a patient. For skin-contact applications, critical factors to consider may be biocompatibility, fluid resistance, shelf life, adhesion, tack, and shear of the adhesive. Adhesives can be manufactured from such materials as acrylics, silicones, rubber, hot melt and heat activated, and may be set using light, temperature, and UV-curing methods, among others.

Features & Benefits

Multi-Layer Lamination
Customized Machine Controls Allow for Precision Placement of Diagnostic Materials Within ±.005" (.127mm) Locations. Selective Placement of Adhesives Provide for Additional Design Options. Die Cut Features on Different Layers Adaptable to Capillary, Flow Cell & Microfluidic Designs.

Rotary & Steel Rule Die Cutting
Rotary Equipment Up to 16" Wide With 6-Die Stations Provides Versatile and Redundant Manufacturing. Steel Rule Dies Provide Low Cost Tooling for R & D Prototypes Up to 18" X 24".

Slitting & Sheeting
Slitting Capabilities From.055" (1.4mm) to 62" Wide With ±.003" Tolerances and Sheeting From 3mm to Any Length Produce Strips or Master Sheet Materials

Laser Process Cutting
Excellent Option for Prototype and Small Quantity Production. Allows for Extremely Small Features and Close Tolerance Designs.

Specialized Material Handling
We Have Developed Unique Methods and Accessories to Prevent Damage or Distortion of Sensitive Microporous Membrane and Filter Materials. We Will Apply These Techniques to Every Application.

Samples available upon request

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