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Membrane Switches
Including Tactile Feel, Embossed Features , EMI/RFI/ESD Shielding, Water Tight Gasketing

Graphic Overlays
Options Include Multicolor Graphics, Hardcoated, Clear or Tinted Windows, Screen Applied or Laminated Adhesives

Unique Proprietary Design Embedded LED Provides the Highest Reliability Available for Embedded LED's

Conductive Circuits
With Screen Printed Conductive Inks, Screen Printed Dielectric and Specialized Polymers for Improved Hydrophilic or Hydrophobic Properties. Ideal for Flexible Circuits and Biosensor Components.

Domed Labels

Polyurethane Dome Labels Can be Used for a Wide Variety of  Applications and Provide a Low Cost, High Quality, Thick Crystal Clear Identification. Applications Include Brand and Product Logo Plates, Decorative Emblems, Nameplates, Wheel Insets and Decorative Displays.

Front Panels
Print Direct Onto Front Panel Surface or Allow Us to Professionally Laminate Graphic Overlays.

Samples available upon request

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