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Precision Controlled Laminating Pressure of Membrane and Wicking Materials Produces Identical Flow Characteristics for Entire Roll Length. Test Strip Results Become More Predictable and Reliable.

Electronic Guide System Assures Exact Placement of Each Layer Within ±.005" Position. Rotary Tooling Features Are Built Within ±.002".

Automation Adaptable
Kiss Cut Components in Web Format Are Easily Dispensed Using Automated Assembly Equipment.

Reduce Costs
Machine Lamination of Membrane Eliminates the Added Labor and Scrap of Hand Placed Strip Lamination. Continuous Web Reduces Scrap of Excess Materials Typical on the Ends of Conventional Cards Format.

Dryroom Manufacturing
Product Can Be Processed Within a Cleanroom Environment With as Low as 10% Maximum Humidity Control Available.

Samples available upon request

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